Tiffany Haddish, Issa Rae and Other Industry Locals on South L.A.’s Gentrification: “A Blessing and a Curse” "Some decry gentrification; others celebrate investment and progress; and still others, like Haddish, are torn by the wins and losses." (The Hollywood Reporter)

We need your feedback on Metro’s Public Safety Advisory Committee (PSAC) Mission and Values Statement "Metro’s Public Safety Advisory Committee (PSAC) has begun discussions to develop a Mission and Values statement for public safety on the Metro transit system. During the August 18, 2021, general PSAC meeting, we provided an online form to solicit public feedback on this process. Your input is greatly valued and will help us create a strong direction for this critically important committee. If you would like to provide input, please access the online form here. The form will be live through Monday, September 20, 2021, and your comments will be shared with PSAC members." (The Source)

Anti-Camping Ordinance Allows Officials To Clear Encampments After Shelter Offer Is Made "L.A. City Councilmembers determine which areas to target for clearing through resolutions. They may aim for areas near parks, schools, or transportation infrastructure, or areas that they believe pose threats to public health and safety." (LAist)

Tight Property Inventory Signals LA’s Rise as Life Sciences Hub "L.A. County life sciences companies raised $1.7 billion in financing last year, the most of any county in California, which Stiles said has only added to demand....The region is also now home to a handful of bioscience incubators, including independent facilities and ones associated with UCLA, Cal State Los Angeles and Cal Poly Pomona." (LA Business Journal)

Friedman Derails Bullet Train Budget "Led by Assembly Transportation Chair Laura Friedman, the state legislature has delayed the release of over $4 billion in voter-approved funding for California’s High-Speed Rail project until at least January. The move, which promises to cause rippling delays and cost increases, broke just before the start of the Labor Day Weekend." (Streetsblog CA)

Everyone 'Jaywalks,' But Black Pedestrians Are Cited At Much Higher Rates. Now California Could 'Decriminalize Walking' " Traffic safety experts and social justice advocates agree that policing pedestrian movement has led to the disproportionate targeting of Black people — and doesn’t actually make streets safer. A new bill headed to Gov. Gavin Newsom's desk aims to change that. " (LAist)

Op-Ed: How Los Angeles pioneered the residential segregation that helped divide America "In 1905, pioneering real estate agents in Berkeley and Kansas City, Mo., began recording racial covenants to sell house lots in high-end subdivisions, but L.A. soon became the national leader in using such deed restrictions. Covenants were immediately marketed on luxury developments: The Beverly Crest subdivision was advertised as 'permanently restricted … for particular people'; similar language was used for Beverly Hills, Hillhurst Park and Bel-Air." (LA Times)

Hopes dashed for light-rail line extension from Pomona to Montclair "Legislators and city leaders from Los Angeles, the San Gabriel Valley and western San Bernardino County had asked since June for a slice of a $76.7 billion state budget surplus as gap funding to build the line another 3.3 miles from Pomona to Claremont and Montclair....However, budget trailer bills that would have carved out money for several transportation projects — including a $540 million request to extend the L Line, formerly the Gold Line, that originates in Los Angeles — never materialized and will not by Friday, Sept. 10, the last day a bill can be passed in the state Legislature, lawmakers said." (San Gabriel Valley Tribune)

Metro Completes Design for 210 Freeway Crash Barrier to Keep Trucks Off Gold Line "Metro estimates that, if funding is secured, phase 1 might be completed in 2025, and phase 2 might be completed in 2028." (Streetsblog LA)