Unused federal earmark dollars could provide a potential windfall for pedestrian-safety enhancements throughout Los Angeles.

Under the direction of the Los Angeles City Council, the Department of Transportation (LADOT) has compiled a list of pedestrian-safety improvements that could be implemented using roughly $4.4 million in unspent federal money from projects that were either cancelled, completed under budget or completed through alternate means.

Through Metro's Replacement Funding Program, the unused federal earmark dollars could be swapped for 97% local matching funds.  The local money would then go towards programs and strategies identified by the City's Vision Zero and Safe Streets to School Initiatives, as well as other unfunded pedestrian-safety improvements planned by LADOT

LADOT has also composed a list of potential replacement projects, which can be seen below.  The lion's share of the money would go to Council District 11 on the Westside, which could see a numer of improvements in Playa del Rey and a new scramble crosswalk off of Venice Beach.

CD1 - $16,000

  1. Leading pedestrian interval at one "to-be-determined" (TBD) location

CD2 - $44,000

  1. Leading pedestrian interval at one TBD location

CD3 - $663,000

  1. New traffic signal at Saticoy Street and Shirley Avenue
  2. New rectangular rapid flash beacon (RRFB) at White Oak Avenue and Valerio Street
  3. New RRFB at Saticoy Street, Cozycroft and McNulty Avenues
  4. New RRFB at Tampa Avenue and Hatteras Street
  5. New RRFB at Tampa Avenue and Calvert Street
  6. New RRFB at Shoup Avenue and Kittridge Street
  7. Leading pedestrian interval at four TBD locations.

CD4 - $109,400

  1. Leading pedestrian interval at seven TBD locations.

CD6 - $413,800

  1. New traffic signal at Encino Avenue and Vanowen Street.
  2. Leading pedestrian interval at four TBD locations.

CD11 - $2,982,300

  1. New scramble crosswalk at Washington Boulevard and Pacific Avenue
  2. New RRFB at Culver Boulevard and Pershing Drive
  3. New crosswalk at Culver Boulevard and Earldrom Avenue
  4. New crosswalk and RRFB at Pershing Drive and Sunridge Street
  5. New crosswalk and RRFB at Pershing Drive and Redlands Street
  6. Two new SFS on Pershing Drive from Nicholson Street to Waterview Street
  7. New RRFB at Rose Avenue and 5th Avenues
  8. New RRFB at Inglewood Boulevard and Beatrice Street
  9. Sunset Boulevard circulation and safety improvements
  10. Additional Vision Zero corridor implementation
  11. Leading pedestrian intervals at five TBD locations

CD12 - $179,900

  1. New RRFB at Zelzah Avenue and Hiawatha Street
  2. Leading pedestrian interval at three TBD locations

CD13 - $55,000

  1. Safety improvements along Sunset Boulevard between Miceltorena and Edgecliff.

Leading pedestrian intervals are already featured at 16 intersections at Downtown Los Angeles, where they allow pedestrians to begin crossing the street a few seconds before automobile traffic.  This practice is intended to increase pedestrian visibility, and therefore safety.

Scramble crosswalks, most famously exemplified by Tokyo's Shibuya Crossing, temporarily hault all automobile traffic through an interesection to allow pedestrians to cross in all directions.  They are most commonly implemented at particularly busy intersections with high frequencies of vehicle-to-pedestrian collisions.  LADOT implemented one of these crossings last year at Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue, and is planning two others in Downtown near Union Station and 7th Street/Metro Center Station.