One block west of the Bellevue Recreation Center in Silver Lake, a new small lot subdivision is gradually taking shape.

The project, which is bieng developed by Lazer Properties, Inc., is rising from a 30,000-square-foot site at 760-788 N. Hyperion Avenue, where it replaced four single-family dwellings.  The new project will consist of 14 for-sale homes, each featuring three bedrooms and two-car garages in floor plans ranging from 2,175 and 2,247 square feet. 

watermark View looking northeast from HyperionMichael Hayes

4C Design Group is the architect of the project, which is named Terra.  Renderings of the finished product depict the new three-story structures with black-and-white exteriors capped by rooftop terraces.

Similar small lot developments have recently been completed at 1933 Griffith Park Boulevard and 853 Hyperion Avenue.