You wouldn't think of development hungry Downtown LA as a bedlam for NIMBY activity, but there's a first time for everything.  Investment group BIMHF, LLC announced plans to convert a derelict structure at 1130 Hope Street into a 44-room boutique hotel back in 2012, but a group of neighbors have recently started fighting against the project.  Homeowners in the adjacent Luma and Evo condominium towers have asked the Central Area Planning Commission to overturn the entitlements granted to the 10-story hotel project last year, included allowances for an open air pool deck and zero off-street parking.  A hearing is scheduled for next week, although LADCP staff have recommended that the hotel tower move forward as approved.  Of course, if residents are upset over a construction site springing up in their backyard, they are in for a rude awakening in the near future.  Multiple surface parking lots surrounding Evo and Luma are slated for skyline altering developments courtesy of the Onni Group, Mack Urban, Oceanwide and Jamison Services.  With so many ambitious developments in the pipeline, it's ironic that a relatively small project is the one ruffling feathers.  Either way, get used to construction cranes and mixed-use towers in South Park, because you're going to be seeing quite a few of them in the coming years.

UPDATE: This is a rebuttal from a resident of one of the condo towers, clarifying the HOA's position on the hotel project.

This article completely misrepresents the position of this project's neighbors. As a resident of one of the adjacent condo buildings directly overlooking this project, the concern was never the presence of a construction site. Rather, my concern was the operation of an open-air rooftop pool and bar open to the public until 2:00 a.m., literally only feet from my unit. The zoning administrator's original decision restricted use of the rooftop pool and bar to hotel guests and limited operating hours to 11 p.m. Sunday-Thursday and midnight on Friday and Saturday. The developer did not appeal these restrictions and I, for one, am satisfied and look forward to the hotel opening. The appeal (which I understand was largely denied yesterday) related to parking and access issues, and I don't believe ever had as its goal stopping this project.