Los Angeles-based construction and engineering firm Icon West, Inc. is planning its new headquarters across the street from Metro's Culver City Station, and could couple the project with new housing and retail space.

The project, which is scheduled for consideration at the December 9 meeting of the Culver City Planning Commission, would rise from an approximately 6,000-square-foot site at 3727 S. Robertson Boulevard, replacing a single-story commercial building and a surface parking lot. 

Plans call for the construction of a new five-story edifice featuring 12 two-bedroom apartments on its upper levels - including three below market-rate units.  Offices for Icon West would be located in an approximately 5,000-square-foot space on the building's second floor, while its ground-level would include circulation elements and nearly 1,700 square feet of commercial space. 

Parking for 23 vehicles would be located at-grade and in a subterranean garage, accessible via an alley way at the rear of the property.

Pasadena-based architecture firm BOLADarck is designing the project, which is depicted as a contemporary low-rise structure clad in painted stucco and brick.  The housing on the upper three floors would wrap an L-shaped atrium, with additional open space provided through an amenity deck overlooking Robertson Boulevard.

The Culver City Planning Commission is scheduled to vote on a zone change requested for the project, as well as a Class 32 exemption from the California Environmental Quality Act.

The proposed development, while larger in scale than its immediate surroundings along Robertson, is dwarfed by a handful of other projects now taking shape around Culver City Station.

Across Robertson, construction is in the final stages for Ivy Station, a $350-million complex which will include a hotel, multifamily housing, retail, and the new offices of WarnerMedia.

Farther east at the intersection of Washington and National Boulevards, completion is nearing for a four-story, 128,000-square-foot office building which has been leased by Apple to serve as the new headquarters of its content division.  The Cupertino-based tech giant recently purchased a series of adjoining properties for $162 million, and is reportedly considering an expansion of its campus.

Other projects under construction nearby include the new headquarters of video game maker Scopely at 8888 Washington Boulevard and a LOHA-designed housing development on Wesley Street.