The City of Los Angeles is looking to evaluate the potential of building affordable or permanent supportive housing on two of its parking lots in Reseda, according to a motion introduced last week by 3rd District Councilmember Bob Blumenfield.

Parking Lots 712 and 624, located at 7246 and 7222 Baird Avenue respectively, sit just northwest of the intersection of Reseda Boulevard and Sherman Way.  The two properties, which are contiguous with one another, comprise approximately 1.15 acres.

Blumenfield's motion directs the City Administrative officer, as well as the Chief Legislative Analyst, the Department of General Services, and the Department of Transportation, to report back on the potential of developing low-income or homeless housing at 7222-7246 Baird.  Additionally, staff would be directed to review three other City-owned properties - located a 7120 Baird, 7131 Canby Avenue, and 7130 Darby Avenue -for feasibility as replacement parking.

The motion has been referred to the City Council's Homelessness and Poverty committee for consideration.

Not far away from the Baird Avenue parking lots, the City of Los Angeles has approved a development which will revive the long-shuttered Reseda Theater while construction senior affordable housing on an adjacent site.  Laemmle Theatres is expected to operate the Reseda Theater, while Thomas Safran & Associates will build the 26-unit apartment complex.