In 2010, Metro agreed to build an E Line station at Farmdale Avenue to settle a dispute with community activists over a street-level crossing adjacent to Dorsey High School.  A decade later, the stop that originated as a last-minute addition is now proving a boon to the owners of two neighboring properties.

Immediately west of the station, a collection of 1940s duplexes at 3500 and 3524 S. Chesapeake Avenue have been demolished, and two apartment buildings are now rising in their place.  The four-story structures will include a total of 49 apartments.

City records indicate that both developments will set aside apartments affordable housing, making them eligible for relief from zoning restrictions via the Transit Oriented Communities incentives.  Both projects are eligible for the incentives due to their proximity to Farmdale Station.

Los Angeles County Assessor records list the owners of both projects as limited liability companies managed by Thomas Beadel, the co-founder of Aliso Viejo-based homebuilder Thomas James Homes.

One station east at Crenshaw Boulevard, a larger mixed-use housing project is planned for properties owned by Metro and Los Angeles County.